Friday, October 12, 2007

That Night

I spent one of the most spiritual nights ever...........It was the 27th of Ramadan.

Yup it was AMAZING ............Beside praying and that stuff , what made my heart leap is the stunning gathering of that no. of ppl , the flow of their emotions towards each other. Hundreds of Muslims (men & women) rushing to the Mosque , lining up in an amazing organized way , shaking the walls with their harmonized (Amens) and helping whoever needs.
The Climax was at the (so7or) time when all were eating like a one family gathering : offering food, exchanging smiles, chatting although it was our first time to meet.

Those shots were like a reflection of the pic in the Paradise ISA.....sure with different standards .
That night influenced me in a magical way leaving that scent of ecstasy which is rarely felt but in Ramadan.

Begad begad ba7ebak ya Ramadan


bosbos said...

7alwa 2wy begad

أنا said...

thnx ya basant for passin' by